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Where Power and Versatility Meet.

The Massey Ferguson 7700 series was created for farms like yours. Powerful, reliable and easy to operate, these tractors easily jump from tillage, planting and harvesting to lugging, baling and loader work. And now they’re even easier to own with special deals going on now.

  • CYCLAIR™ Cooling Package: Our exclusive and groundbreaking CYCLAIR cooling package more efficiently manages airflow into, within and out of the engine compartment. The tractor’s systems are cooled more effectively. Saving time on cleaning and maintenance.
  • Tier 4 Final: New Tier 4 Final AGCO PowerTM six-cylinder 6.6- and 7.4-liter engines generate maximum power from 140-255 horsepower. And the engine, transmission, frame, axles, steering, PTO and hydraulics have all been engineered and synchronized to work harmoniously together.
  • SCR Technology: Massey Ferguson pioneered SCR Technology all the way back in 2008. It’s maintenance free and eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filter. Providing outstanding engine efficiency and fewer emissions.
  • Rear Drawbar and Hitch: Upgraded rear linkages provide a lift capacity of up to 16,700 lbs. And the impressive hydraulic rear coupler decompression system makes changing implements simple.
  • Engine Power Management (EPM) System: In tough PTO or transport applications, EPM monitors the load and operating conditions within the transmission and PTO according to speed, load and activation. It responds automatically and adjusts fueling for extra power - up to 25 hp - when you need it most.
  • Transmission: Whether your workload demands a more traditional semi-powershift transmission, or a continuously variable one, the 7700 Series tractors have an option that fits your farm. Giving you maximum productivity, efficiency and operator comfort.
  • Electronic Turbo Wastegate: The proactive turbocharger, with electronic wastegate installation, provides higher power capacities and the best engine response at all engine revs. The wastegate stabilizes the turbo boost, preserving both the turbocharger and the engine.
  • Quadlink Front Suspension: A completely maintenance-free suspension provides greater traction and more power to the ground. It all adds up to best-in-class maneuverability and a smoother ride.
Ease of Use
  • SIS Dashboard: The new SIS (Setup and Information Screen) dashboard design provides for quick, clear and easy analysis of operating data. With just a glance you can check information on tractor performance, working area, working distance, fuel consumption or engine and transmission temperature.
  • Multi-Function Joystick: The intuitive, multifunction joystick lets you keep your eye on what you’re doing and not on the controls. Designed for use with the integrated front linkage system, it also incorporates transmission functions, rear linkage control and cruise control.
  • Dynamic Tractor Management: DTM allows the engine and transmission to "communicate" for maximum efficiency at any ground speed. If less power is required to maintain speed, the engine throttles back automatically. You save fuel, reduce engine noise and extend service intervals.
  • Auto-GuideTM 3000: This seamlessly integrated auto-steering system helps reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Highly advanced but simple to use, it even helps reduce input costs.
Engine Performance
  • Maximum ISO Engine HP (kW): 140 (104)
  • Maximum power with EPM: 165 (121)
  • ISO Engine HP @ 2,100 rated engine RPM (kW): 130 (97)
  • PTO HP @ 2,100 rated engine RPM (kW): 115 (85)
  • Type: AGCO Power
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Displacement liters (CID): 6.6 (402)
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged and air to air intercooler
  • Type: Dyna-4
  • Clutches: 2
  • Road speed range (with 20.8R38 tires) mph (kph): 25 mph (40 kph) Opt. creeper: 0.09-1.80 (.14-2.90) forward/reverse @ 2,100 RPM
  • Road speed range (20.8R38 tires) mph (kph)
Front Axle
  • 4WD differential lock: Std. - full-locking, electro-hydraulic
  • 4WD engagement: Electro-hydraulic
  • 4WD maximum steering angle: 55 degrees
  • Front axle suspension: Std. (deluxe and premium models); Opt. (classic models)
3-Point Hitch - Rear
  • Category 2 telescopic ball end links: Std.
  • Stabilizers: Variable float telescopic
  • Lift capacity at link ends lbs. (kg.) Dyna-4 & Dyna-6: 8,900 (4,035)
  • Lift capacity at link ends lbs. (kg.) Dyna-VT
3-Point Hitch - Front (Opt.)
  • Category 2 hook ends links: Std.
  • Lift capacity at link end lbs. (kg.): 6,200 (2,315)
  • Speeds RPM: Classic = 540 / 1,000 Base, 540 / 540e / 1,000 / 1,000e Opt. Deluxe / Premium = 540 / 540e / 1,000 / 1,000e Base, 540 / 1,000 Opt. Dyna-6 Dyna-VT = 540 / 540e / 1,000 / 1,000e
  • System type: Closed center load sensing (CCLS)
  • Total flow rate US gal. (L) - Std.: 29 (110)
  • Total flow rate US gal. (L) - Opt.: 50 (190) Dyna-VT
  • Maximum pressure PSI (Bar): 2,900 (200)
  • Available flow rate per spool valves gpm (L/min): 26.4 (100)
  • Remotes - Classic Std. (Opt.): 3 mechanical (4 mechanical)
  • Remotes - Deluxe Std. (Opt.): 2 electric fingertip, plus 2 mechanical (4 electric fingertip); (electric joystick w/ 2 mechanical or electric fingertip)
  • Remotes - Premium Std. (Opt.): 4 electric fingertip (5 electric fingertip, electric joystick w/ 2 or 3 electric fingertips)
Operator's Area
  • Cab glass area ft2 (m2): 61 (5.67)
  • Noise level dB(A): 7714 / 7715 / 7716 / 7718 Dyna-4 & Dyna-6 = 69 7715 / 7716 / 7718 Dyna-VT = 68
  • Operator seat - air suspension: Std.
  • Deluxe operator seat: Opt. (deluxe and premium)
  • Transmission control(s): Right console (classic) / armrest (deluxe/premium)
  • Forward control(s): Left-hand control
Guidance System
  • Auto-Guide 3000 ready with control center display: Std. on deluxe and premium
  • Fuel tank capacity US gal. (L): 80 (305)
  • DEF tank capacity US gal. (L): 8 (30)
  • Hydraulic reservoir capacity US gal. (L): 15.9 (60) Dyna-6; 26.4 (100) Dyna-VT



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
6-cylinders, Turbocharged and air to air intercooler
Maximum: 140 hp; Rated: 130 hp
115 hp
Rated RPM
2100 rpm


Fuel Capacity
80 gal. (305 L)
Type: Closed center load sensing (CCLS); Total Flow Rate, Standard: 29 gal. (110 L)
Drive Type


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