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If You’re All About Power and Practicality, Your Tractor Has Arrived.

At Massey Ferguson®, we’ve been working alongside farmers like you for nearly 170 years, and pouring those lifetimes of knowledge into constantly improving our tractors. The 8700 Series tractors are the perfect example. From the hay field to the corn field, from row crops to dairy operations, these tractors have the power and versatility to do it all. Very simply, it’s the no-nonsense workhorse you’ve always wanted.

  • Auto-Guide™ (Coming Soon): The electronic auto-guidance architecture gives you deeper machine integration, a streamlined user experience and more choices than ever. Choose the best accuracy level and signal source for your unique needs. And now, choose from two additional navigation providers: NovAtel® and Trimble®.
  • Datatronic 5 Terminal (Coming Soon): Our new control center display is faster and easier to use. The flat design of our 9-inch capacitive touchscreen - with a resolution of 480x800 pixels - lets you manage functions with an intuitive user experience, better navigation and better readability.
  • Twin Turbochargers: Highly fuel-efficient with excellent engine response at lower RPMs and the longest sustained torque curve in the business.
  • Transmission: The exclusive DYNA-VT™ is the most advanced continuously variable transmission on the planet. Our flexible, efficient, easy-to-use CVT puts more power to the ground, while still saving more on fuel.
  • Engine: The Tier 4 Final AGCO Power™ engine provides 270 to 370 max horsepower (up to 400 boosted HP in some applications) for more power, more torque and more hydraulics. Built specifically to tackle everything from row crop applications, to hay and forage, to dairy and livestock.
  • CYCLAIR: The CYCLAIR Cooling Package dramatically increases cooling capacity with better airflow and higher-efficiency components.
  • Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM): Allows the engine and transmission to communicate and work together to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Joystick: The ergonomic design of the programmable multi-function joystick allows you to go from forward to reverse while operating the loader at the same time. You can control the rear linkage, PTO, headland management, spool valves and cruise control, all with only one hand.
  • Hydraulics: The 1,000-RPM front PTO and 3-point hitch, paired with our standard 1,000/1,000E rear PTO and 3-point hitch, always makes you as productive as you need to be.
  • 17% more hydraulic muscle: With both front and rear PTO and 3-point hitch - and pumped up hydraulic capacity of 54 GPM - you'll enjoy all-around power and the ultimate in implement control.
  • B-pillar: Control work lights, PTO speed, 3-point hitch, front axle and cab suspension, front wheel assist and differential lock all from an ergonomically designed B-pillar.
  • Creature comforts (Coming Soon*): Smart features make a big difference. Like our improved seat design*, LED light package*, additional toolbox*, power outlets for mobile devices, radio and CD player, external lateral rear-view mirrors* and electric de-icing and automatic HVAC.
Engine Performance
  • Maximum ISO engine HP @ 2,000 engine RPM (kW): 320 (239)
  • ISO engine HP @ 2,100 rated engine RPM (kW): 290 (216)
  • PTO HP @ 2,100 rated engine RPM (kW): 250 (186)
  • Type - standard: AGCO POWER™ 8.4L
  • Number of cylinder: 6
  • Displacement liters (CID): 8.4 (514)
  • Aspiration: Twin Turbo Chargers with eWastegate
Electrical System
  • Alternator / battery (standard): 240 amps / 12 V (twin 120 amp alternators)
  • Type: Dyna-VT™ with Power Management (PM) 31 mph (50 kph)
  • Field speed range: 0.02 - 17 mph Forward and 0.02 - 10 mph Reverse (0.03 - 28 km/h Forward and 0.03 - 16 km/h Reverse)
  • Road speed range: 0.02 - 31 mph Forward and 0.02 - 24 mph Reverse (0.03 - 50 km/h Forward and 0.03 - 38 km/h Reverse)
  • Road speed range - 40 kph - optional: Optional - 0.02 - 30 mph Forward and 0.02 - 24 mph Reverse (0.03 - 40 km/h Forward and 0.03 - 38 km/h Reverse)
  • Speeds forward: Infinite
  • Cruise control speeds: 4
Rear Axle
  • 4.33 x 118 in. (110 x 2,999 mm) long axle: Standard
  • 4.33 x 105 in (110 x 2,550 mm) short axle: Optional
  • Differential lock - full-locking, electrohydraulic: Standard
Front Axle
  • 4-wheel drive differential lock: Standard - full-locking, electrohydraulic
  • 4-wheel drive maximum steering angle: 55º
  • System type: Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS)
  • Total flow rate US gallon (L): 54 (205)
  • Maximum pressure PSI (bar): 2,900 (200)
  • Remote Valves - Standard/Optional: Standard: 4 fingertip controlled valves; Optional: 2 additional fingertip controls for a total of 6 auxiliary valves
Three Point Hitch - Rear
  • Category 3/4N Quick Hitch: Standard
  • Maximum lift capacity - At Link Ends lbs. (kg): 20,345 (9,228)
Three Point Hitch - Front (Optional)
  • Category 3: Standard
  • Maximum lift capacity - At Link Ends lbs. (kg): 10,970 (4,976)
  • Category 3 with drop pin: Standard
  • Category 3 heavy duty with drop pin: Optional
  • Category 4 with drop pin: Optional
  • Speeds RPM - standard: 1,000 / 1,000E
  • Shaft diameter in. (mm): 1.75 in. (45 mm) shaft, 20 spline
Operator Area
  • Cab glass area ft2 (m2): 67.3 (6.22)
  • Noise level dB(A): 71
  • OptiRide Plus hydraulic suspended cab: Standard
  • Operator seat - air suspension: Standard
  • Control Center Display (CCD): Standard
  • Auto-Guide 3000: Standard
  • AgCommand: AgCommand ready standard, subscription optional
Dimension & Weight
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 122 (3,100)
  • Overall length-front wt. frame to rear link arms in. (mm): 218.6 (5,552)
  • Maximum height over cab in. (mm): 141 (3,584)
  • Approx. shipping weight lbs. (kg): 23,810 (10,800)
  • Maximum allowable weight lbs. (kg): 33,070 (15,000)
  • Fuel tank capacity US gallon (L): 166 (630)
  • DEF (AdBlue) usable tank capacity US gallon (L): 15.8 (60)
Specifications are manufacturer’s estimates at time of publication and are subject to change without prior notification



Engine Manufacturer
AGCO Power™
Engine Type
8.4L (514 cid) Twin Turbo Chargers with eWastegate
Max: 320 hp (239 kW); Rated: 290 hp (216 kW)
250 hp (186 kW)
Rated RPM
2100 rpm


122 in. (3,100 mm)
141 in. (3,584 mm)
23,810 lb. (10,800 kg)


Fuel Capacity
166 gal. (630 L)
Dyna-VT™ with Power Management (PM) 31 mph (50 kph)
Type: Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS); Total Flow Rate: 54 gpm (205 Lpm)
Drive Type


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