McFarlane Tillage Equipment

Reel DiskMcFarlane Reel Disk

Two new sizes available - 12' and 44'

The “Reel Disk” from McFarlane Mfg. is our latest development in vertical tillage and can satisfy all of the demands of today’s farming practices, especially BT corn and corn on corn cropping. This new tool, featuring ultra-shallow concave disk blades, loosens the top 2-3 inches of the soil yet leaves the seedbed firm. This ensures accurate seed depth at planting, resulting in even emergence and better yields. Smoothing uneven ground and removing small weeds are done quickly at the 7-9 mph operating speeds.

The Reel Disk is available in widths of 12’ rigid frame, 20’, 25’, 30’ and 44’ folding frames. Horsepower requires are approximately 8-9 hp/ft.

The ultra-shallow leading disk blades on 7” centers easily penetrate the soil and slice residue into manageable pieces. The gang angle can be set aggressive for more soil movement to bury residue or can be set passive to leave more residue on the surface.

Reversible scrapers are two-way adjustable to maintain optimum disk blade performance. Following the disks is a rank of seven-blade, 18-inch diameter spiral reels that crosscut the residue and mix it into the soil, aiding decomposition. To produce the firm and level seedbed for optimum germination and yields, our proven 3-bar spike harrow follows the spiral reel.

The heavy-duty harrow follows the ground contour closely and is flexible to allow residue to flow through. The final touch for the perfect seedbed is our 12-inch diameter rolling basket.

The basket features eight, high-carbon flat bars with adjustable down pressure to make it aggressive for clod sizing and firming or passive for soil separating and conditioning. Patent Pending

Sprial Reel Stalk ChopperMcFarlane Sprial Reel Stalk Chopper

Three Tools In One

The Spiral Reel Stalk Chopper is perfectly designed for field preparation. Its five hardened spiral steel blades chop heavy crop stubble at ground level and loosen soil around the root. Next, the 5-Bar Flexible Spike Tooth Harrow stirs, levels, and firms the loosened soil. Finally, the trailing spreader board completes the process, feathering residue and leveling plow ridges.


  • Available in 20’, 26’, 30’, 36’ and 40’ widths
  • Toolbar is a heavy-wall 7” square tubing
  • Hydraulic lift and fold for easy transporting
  • 5 blade hardened steel spiral reels for soil loosening and mixing
  • Spiral Reels are mounted using triple-lip regreasable bearings
  • Heavy-duty 5-Bar flexible spike-tooth harrow for leveling, stirring and firming
  • Adjustable feathering board for use in high residue conditions
  • Operate at speeds of 7 to 10 mph
  • Spring Loaded Option: Large C-spring mounting available for hard and rocky conditions
  • Available as a 3-point lift

Reel TillMcFarlane Reel Till

The Combination Tillage Tool That Tames Tough Field Conditions In A Single Pass

Hard packed, tough stalk stubble, heavy clays, and high residue

can make field preparation a real challenge. Of course, you can tackle tough

soils with a variety of tools, covering the same ground again and again. Or you

can get the Reel Till – the combination tillage tool that tames tough soils in a

single pass.

Four Tools In One

The unique design is actually four tools in one. Together, these four tools do what no single tool can do and it saves preparation time and lets you plant sooner. The coulters loosen the first few inches of soil and cut residue. This enables the spiral reel, with its five hardened – steel blades, to cut and loosen the residue in the opposite direction and distribute it evenly on the surface. The flexible 5-bar spike tooth harrow stirs, firms and levels the soil turned by the coulter and reel – leaving behind a finely ground, yet firm seedbed. This helps dry topsoil for earlier planting while also sealing in moisture at lower levels. The feathering board puts the finishing touch on the whole process. It smoothes the entire seedbed – leaving your fields ready to plant.In spring, the Reel Till loosens the top few inches of soil so it warms up and dries out faster. Using the Reel Till helps get crops into the field sooner. Moreover, soil won’t compact. It remains loose and level.

New 3 Bar & Rolling Basket Feature

The new 3 bar heavy-duty sections have all the great features of the 5 bar, but with better residue handling capability. The increase in residue cover due to more corn on corn acres was the key to designing this combination. Adjustable down pressure on the rolling basket can make it aggressive for clod sizing and firming or passive for soil separating and conditioning.High-carbon flat blades have been added for long life and durability in tough conditions.Large 12" diameter reel keeps residue and soil moving without plugging. The 8 blades leave the soil profile smooth with larger and smaller particles separated.


  • Two rigid models: 12’ & 16’
  • Four folding models: 20’, 25’, 30’ and 35’
  • Level lift hitch ensures unit stays level with turnbuckle adjustment to match tractor
  • Lighting package is standard on all units
  • Convenient hose/light harness storage
  • Adjustable-depth coulter gang to match varying field conditions
  • Coulters are 20” diameter on 7” spacing
  • Hardened steel spiral reels are mounted using triple-lip regreasable bearings for endurance
  • Spiral Reels are attached to the frame using large C-springs to reduce vibration and added protection
  • 5-bar flexible spike-tooth harrow features replaceable teeth and wear bushings in linkages
  • Feathering board is adjustable and spring loaded to provide proper coverage and pressure for a finishing touch
  • Can be pulled at speeds from 7 to 9 mph
    • New compact frame reduces transport width and height
    • New narrow hitch allows for tighter turning radius