Remote Swing Auger Hydraulic

Farm King Hydraulic Remote Auger Swing Kit

For 10", 12", 13", 14" & 16" models.

Remote Swing-Auger - Hydraulic

The Remote Control

The remote control kits allow smooth positioning of the swing hopper from up to 400 ft away. The electronics are encoded to each remote and are highly resistant to radio interference. If you need to replace or want to add another remote, the remotes can be re-programmed on the farm in seconds. A rechargeable lithium ion battery allows up to 40 hours of continuous remote control use before recharging on a micro-b USB cable or the provided cigarette charger. The system can operate in extreme cold and heat and is IP66 rated weather and dust proof.

The Receiver/Manifold

The receiver/manifold mounts onto the swing auger’s tube, and in addition to controlling the hydraulic flow, it also features a halogen work light to illuminate the hopper and surrounding area. The manifold itself is made from anodized aluminum for a long lasting finish. A hydraulic system type selector switch on the rear of the unit allows immediate accommodation of either open or closed hydraulic systems allowing compatibility with any tractor hydraulic system. There is also a manual mover switch in case you misplace the remote.

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