Specialty Harrows

Specialty Harrows

Ridge Tilling StalkRidge Tilling Stalk Chopper

Conservation Corn Ground Preparation

McFarlane’s No Till Stalk
Chopper is an excellent way to chop standing stalks. Here’s how it works.
McFarlane’s No Till Stalk Chopper features two rows of spiders holding reels with 8 hardened steel chopping knives on front bar and 6 hardened steel chopping knives on rear bar. This front row chops the ridge stalks. The rear row, with the same configuration of spiders, reels, and knives, is offset for valley tilling.

Spiders are designed to permit adjustable row spacing. In addition, chopping knives can be set to run straight or at right or left angles. This permits McFarlane’s Stalk Chopper to work efficiently in practically any ridge field.


  • From 4 row through 12 row configurations with rigid and folding toolbars
  • Available with single or double toolbar
  • Category II/III combination hitch
  • 7” heavy-wall square tool bar
  • Hardened steel replaceable blades
  • Optional 3 or 5-bar flexible spike tooth harrow
  • Optional gauge wheels

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100 Series Field100 Series Field Finishing Harrow

Multipurpose Design
These and more industry leading features can be found on the McFarlane 100 Series transport cart. Choose from several finisher options to break and level the toughest soil types.
Heavy-duty spike tooth harrows and single or double rolling baskets make it adaptable to any tillage system, even no-till. Damp fields can be aerated and dried in a single pass and chemicals are incorporated to recommended depths. The soil can be conditioned, breaking clods and separating small and large size particles for excellent seed to soil contact. Trussed and gusseted frame ensures trouble free operation. And, the single hydraulic circuit control makes it easy to use or integrate behind a primary or secondary tillage tool.

Rolling Basket Only

The RBH Series with single rolling basket or with double rolling basket is an ideal fit to a secondary tillage tool that may already have a leveling device. Adjustable down pressure on the rolling basket can make it aggressive for clod sizing and firming or passive for soil separating and conditioning.

Cart Features

  • Single rolling basket available with or without 3 or 5 bar heavy-duty spike tooth harrow.
  • Double Rolling basket available with or without 3-bar heavy-duty spike tooth harrow.
  • Widths from 16’ to 36’
  • Hydraulic lift and fold for easy transportation
  • Long telescoping hitch and narrow main frame for easy turning especially when pulled behind another implement
  • Wing float allows wing to travel up/down 30
  • Transport width for 16’ – 30’ models is 10’9”
  • Transport width for 32’ – 36’ models is 12’3”

3 & 5 Bar Harrow Features:

  • Flexible linkages have replaceable wear bushing
  • 3-Bar section is 28 lbs per foot and 3 teeth per foot
  • 5-Bar section is 46 lbs per foot and 6 teeth per foot
  • Large 3/4” square, 11” long teeth for aggressive harrowing
  • Teeth are on 11” centers for excellent residue flow

Rolling Basket Features:

  • High-carbon flat blades for long life and durability in tough conditions
  • Large 12” diameter reel keeps residue and soil moving without plugging
  • The 8 blades leave the soil profile smooth with larger and smaller particles separated
  • Heavy-duty bearings withstand the roughest conditions

Tank Mounted HarrowsTank Mounted Harrows

Tank and sprayer can be mounted on 1000 & 2000
Series Harrows. For more information, contact us.
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